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Scented Soy Candles BLUEBERRY VANILLA (11 oz) eliminates smoke, household and pet odors.



BLUEBERRY VANILLA SOY SCENTED CANDLES 11 oz, 1-wick. They destroy odors, not just cover them up. Cigar Boulevard Gardenia scented candle is revolutionary. The candles work by actually destroying and eliminating the odor. The fragrant scent is unique and perfect for the home or office. Unlike air fresheners or other scented candles, the Cigar Bouelvard candles will totally eliminate the odor, even after the Lavender Cream scent is gone. 

Smoke was the reason they were developed, but you will be amazed how effectively they work as an eliminator of foul household and pet odors. The elegant glass container cover in tulle fabric was designer according to the scent that will look perfect in the office, kitchen, bathroom or anyplace else that you want to fully eliminate unpleasant odors quickly and permanently. This candle is guaranteed for approximately 60 hours of burn time. They are unique smoker gifts.

Cigar smoke odor, cigarette odor, household smells, pet, bathroom and other offensive odors tend to linger even after the air freshener or standard scented candles fragrance is gone. Now you can permanently destroy and eliminate the odor by burning them away with the Cigar Boulevard unique odor eliminator candle. They have special ingredients and scents of Fresh Holly Berry, Lavender Cream, Cranberry, Southern Magnolia, Pine Wood, Apple Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Gardenia, Dozen Roses, Cherry Blossom Orchid and Sandalwood.  More scent coming soon.

Due to the fact that soy wax has a lower melt point, it has been found that on average they burn about 30% longer than a comparative paraffin candle. With soy wax being made from soy beans, it is a natural and sustainable resource that can be used for many generations to come.

They are fully guaranteed to work so buy them with confidence.



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