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Pack of 3 Lotus LARGE Butane Refill for Lighters Ultra 6X with Universal Adapters


PACK OF 3 LOTUS Butane Gas Refill for Lighters that's 6 times refined and is good for all butane lighters. Regardless of the lighter, this large six times refined butane lighter refill will fill up your tank. Each canister brings 13.40 ounces of premium quality butane. It has a standard nozzle and the canister's cap brings adapters for every lighter made. This guarantees that it will refuel your lighter. Each Small canister has 400 ML ( 13.40 ounces) of 6X refined butane, NEAR ZERO IMPURITIES. DUE TO FLAMMABLE LIQUID REGULATIONS, THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED THROUGH THE STANDARD GROUND OPTION. PLEASE DO NOT SELECT ANY EXPEDITED AIR SHIPPING OPTIONS WHEN ORDERING THIS PRODUCT. Tips on using ultra refined butane gas for your lighter: Always use ultra refined butane to refill your butane lighter. Set flame adjustment near (-) lowest position when refilling. All air must be removed from tank in order to fill to maximum capacity. Bleed only when flame begins to weaken and tank is nearly empty. Always read and follow manufacturer's instructions on your butane refill canister. Fill with the lighter in an upside-down position. Put nozzle tip directly on valve opening as indicated by the butane refill canister. Press down firmly on the canister 2-3 times in 2 second intervals. Minimal butane discharge may occur with some lighters when filled. If the lighter is not equipped with gas viewing hole, use the following steps to ensure the tank is full: Hold lighter in an upright position. Depress the filler valve with a ballpoint pen or small screwdriver until hissing stops. Warm the lighter in your hands for 10 seconds after filling it. Wait 2-5 minutes before attempting to ignite the lighter. This will allow enough time for excess butane to dissipate and the gas in the lighter to reach room temperature. Your lighter may not ignite until the butane has reached room temperature.

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